The video for my new single is almost complete. We wrapped shooting principal photography last week. Now we just have some pickup shots and editing to finish. I have waited to release the song along with the video because it seems to get more attention. We’re still aiming for August 1st to be completely done so standby!
It was amazing working with the band for this video. Zach Coffman came in and killed a complex drum part quickly and effortlessly and put in such a great performance. Josh Reed did double duty on 4 string bass and keyboard bass. He nailed it and looked great in the video! Jody Reed, the only lady in the band, made us all look better! She was awesome on the keys and her purple hair photographed so well! lol

The video is reminiscent of those mid 80s type videos. There isn’t really a story but there are some esoteric shots that sort of outline the story without being to distinct in nature. Those shots are cut up with the band preforming live on a cool stage.

Big thanks to Scott Jolley for doing such  great job on the jib camera! Also my buddy. Thanks also to Matt Richards for shooting the underwater shots. And lastly, to Caleb Corum for letting us jump in his pool fully clothed repeatedly for over an hour!


I want to talk a little bit about the song “Your Shallow Sea” because it’s pretty special and came about in an odd way. In some ways you could call it a Covid-19 song because I recorded much of it while in lockdown from the pandemic. ¬†The original idea came from a guitar and bass line I had written and spent some time jamming too. The problem was it didn’t seem to go anywhere and I had a hard time writing a B part. F Major is one of my favorite keys and I eventually fiddled with the chords to make the change interesting enough but also keep the same vibe of the A part. So once I had all the music done, I started writing lyrics and melody. This is one of my workflows and if I put in the time, songs tend to come out quite good. Needless to say, I composed probably three different sets of melodies and lyrics before settling on the verses. The chorus came pretty quickly once I settled on the verse melody. The bigger challenge was what to do vocally with the post chorus section. I tried literally scores of ideas and went back to the same melody and lyrics I had from the beginning. I added some Vocoder and that’s what you hear in the song. The middle section with the bass solo and the stream of conscience lyric just happened in a happy moment of improv.
So the song has been done for months but I didn’t want to release it without a video or it would just get lost and no-one would listen.

I’m hoping Your Shallow Sea connects with a ton of people.


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