The last few months have been super productive for me. I have finished composing 4 new songs and now I start the journey of recording them. I have been tempted to make these more acoustic without so much production but that often changes once I get in to the studio. I have to fight the urges to add the production flourishes that I love so much. 😉

Stay tuned!

New songs include:
“Say” – A piano based Elton John type song

“Stroke of Genius in Your Curls” – An upbeat Acoustic guitar based pop song

“Letter to America” – Acoustic guitar song with a message 😉 Cheers!Tye

I know this year has been tough for everyone. For musicians, the lockdown means less money, less interaction with friends, family and fans, less concerts and so much more.
But It has provided me with some good inspiration and the time to really craft some new songs without those deadlines that sometimes make me panic. I am very excited about this new batch of songs because I think they’re full of real emotions and experiences. They express both hope and fear and maybe a touch of anger. I can’t wait to record them and share them with you all!

I have been blessed to be able to spend so much time with my family!

Stay healthy and safe!



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