I’ve always loved 80s music! From Duran Duran and U2 to the Thompson Twins and Psychedelic Furs, I dig it all. Tina Turner has always been impossible to ignore but I never considered myself a huge fan. Her songs seemed good enough but I never really connected with her that much. Jump ahead to 2018 I believe and my girl and I were watching a showed called Schitt’s Creek. There’s a gay couple in the story and they’re sort of just getting their relationship defined and working through some things when one of them breaks out a guitar and starts to sing.  I remember thinking what a great song and great singer! Then it dawned on me this was a Tina Turner song. I hadn’t realized it until the about halfway through the 1st verse. What he did just blew me away. I went back and watched it three times! The actor’s name is Noah Reid and he is not just a great actor but an amazing singer. So I am messing around in the studio one day and thought I should try to cover it. He plays it REALLY fast. I slowed it down a bit and did it in my own way. His version is way better! lol




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