Hello Everyone!

I hope all is well in your world. This has been a busy past few months for me. I have been working with a talented young singer named Ivy Ann. She has an amazing voice and we’re crafting a few special tunes for her. Check here out here on Spotify.

I am also happy to announce My new single Roller Coaster. The song will be available in the next few days on all platforms. I am thrilled with how this new track sounds. It’s dedicated to my lovely wife and partner in life Jamie. Please pre-save the song so you can get it as soon as it goes live. Send me a message and tell me what you think of it.

Roller Coaster started off as an acoustic guitar song. I composed the entire song on the guitar before starting the recording process. This is a little rare for me since I often compose while I record, meaning I don’t always know where the song will take me until it’s complete. This song took me a only a few days to compose musically. I then played it many times and crafted the lyrics over the course a a few weeks. But as I often do, the final lyrics didn’t come to fruition until after I started recording. However, I didn’t really change them all that much.

I love how the recording came out. I had initially struggled with the main guitar groove and proper tempo. The song is temp sensitive in a sense, because it can easily sound off if played too slow or too fast. Once I got the groove everything came together in an amazing way. I want to send a big shout out to my buddy Shawn Lothamer who consulted on the drum track. Shawn is an amazing drummer and composer in his own right. It was his idea to make the drums cut-time in the choruses and it really takes the song to another level. Thank You Shawn!

I am working on a video for Roller Coaster but it will come out after the song is released.

Thank you so much for listening to my music. I sincerely appreciate it!

Here is a link to my Spotify Artist Page.

Here is a link to Pre-save the single so you can hear it when it comes out.




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